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When we think of Australian boys we think of sun-kissed young men with gorgeous ripped surfer bodies and big cocks. Well, welcome to All Australian Boys a website based down under which focuses on the lovely young men for Australia for 20 years.

A Grade Rugby forward, Surfboat Rower All Australian Boy Mark is a knockabout Sydney Boy.

Amateur young fit Aussie men aged 18 to 25 with big uncut cocks are the lifeblood of this site.

All the guys here are tanned white guys who are sexy and hot. They are mostly amateurs with big uncut cocks although you will see some with normal-sized dicks as well as circumcised dicks.

Jack C from Brisbane is into Football/Soccer, Athletics, and Gym.

All Australian Boys concentrates on solo jerk-off, Gloryhole, and hardcore duo sex scenes. There are also making of videos and interviews with the models, so you get to know a bit about the models featured.

Thomas, 23 yo straight jock from Canada, now living in Sydney.

Videos commence with an introduction which is often outdoors at the beach where we meet the guy and see him most often fully clothed. He comes indoors and wanks his dick, or if there are two guys then there is some dick sucking and eventually ass fucking.

Lex is an all Australian Country boy off the farm from north-western NSW.

Videos featuring the glory-hole involve a young dude standing before the glory-hole with his cock out and he gets sucked by the guy on the other side.

The camera is placed straight on so you can see both the young guy and the older cocksucker on the other side.

Spencor loves nothing more than hitting the surf.

These videos are hot and there is plenty of hot balls deep cock sucking which ends with the older cocksucker swallowing the younger dude’s full cum load.

Latest Aussie Boys @ All Australian Boys

See above is a selection of the latest Aussie boys. If you click on your chosen model you will be taken to their bio page, where you will find out about the guy and some photos plus a list of the videos that he appears in. You can find all the content featuring this boy on this bio page.

Jarred is an All Australian Gold Coast boy.

Updates to All Australian Boys happen about once a week so four times a month although some updates happen less often on occasion. There are over 800 sexy boys on the site and each contains one or more videos. The videos are in different formats and sizes depending on their age. The latest videos are available in MP4 and WMV format.

Blake is a typical straight All Australian Boy who works construction and plays Rugby.

Older videos are not available for streaming as their format was not in a format allowing streaming, so you must download to watch those older videos. All the later videos can be streamed or downloaded.

Johnny has an awesome body, fresh good looks, and a meaty big cock

This is an amateur site and the videos often reflect this, with out-of-focus shots coming into focus and some handshake occasionally. This might be too much for some people but I actually feel it adds to the amateur feel of the site. I certainly wasn’t put off and the videos are themselves very sexy.

Christopher has a wiry taunt and a strong, smooth body and is into rock climbing and Soccer.

Each video comes with a set of 20 to 100 pictures which are of good amateur quality, the gallery doesn’t have an automatic slideshow and there are no zip files. It is possible to save individual images.

Lincoln is one of those guys that lives to surf and Surfs to Live.

So we come to negative points. Be careful if you decide to sign up as there is a pre-checked offer on the join page which means that if left ticked you will be signed up to another different website at a monthly cost. This is on top of the membership cost for All Australian Boys. It is easy to reject the offer by unticking the box when signing up.

Wolfi at 21 SUPA HOT Straight boy has a BIG COCK 

Are there other issues? Well, there’s a pre-checked offer on the billing page beneath the join fields that will sign you up for a second gay porn membership site, but if you’re not interested, it’s easy to opt-out. Members have a 5.5 Gb daily download limit, and if you go over, the site says your membership will be suspended for 24 hours.

Rugby boy Ryan from Bondi NSW

Luckily even the HD videos here aren’t very big in file size – I downloaded a couple that was under 400 Mb each. But if you choose to download an interview, masturbation, and behind-the-scenes video from a single episode in full HD, it could potentially be around 1 Gb, so it’s not impossible to go over 5.5 Gb, which is a pretty small limit by today’s standards.

Membership prices are on the more expensive side with the first month being $49.95 rebilling at $27.95. The cost of a one-off monthly membership at $64.95 is the most expensive non-rebill price of any gay porn site.


All Australian Boys has carved out for itself a distinct reputation for showcasing the very best of amateur Australian straight boy gay porn. Many of the guys wank off, suck cocks, and some fuck as well. As you would expect there are plenty of hot guys in Speedos enjoying life on the beach and getting down and dirty back at home. There are over 20 years worth of content here and there is certainly plenty to keep you busy for a long time. If you fancy young amateur beach boys with tanned sexy bodies and big uncut cocks then this should be one to put on your list. Cheers.

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$49.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $27.95 EVERY 30 DAYS


$179.70 FOR 180 DAYS REBILLS $179.70 EVERY 180 DAYS

$227.00 FOR 365 DAYS REBILLS $227.00 EVERY 365 DAYS

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