Coco Dorm

Coco Dorm is a huge site featuring black men from ages 19 years to 30 plus. You’ll find black muscle guys with ripped abs, rougher street thugs, sporty jocks and amateur black men and boys in this ebony take on Big Brother. The guys live together in a house and their sexual antics are captured on video and in photos. Not only do you have the current residents to keep up to date with but there is a massive catalogue of videos and pictures covering every guy who’s ever stepped foot inside the dorm. It’s a truly massive site.

Of course guys who love black guys are often drawn to their legendary large dicks and Coco Dorm won’t disappoint in that department. Some to mention are Rock who’s cock is thick as well as long, over 10 inches for sure. Sean Young also sports a huge thick dick. To name but two.

The range of guys and their looks is huge, you’ve got black guys covered in hot tattoos, rough looking hardcore ruffians, well dressed college guys and amateur boy next door types. The rough studs look the part with their dreadlocks, gold chains, tattoos, hats etc.

The gay sex action is hot, with guys engaging in wanking or sucking each other, fucking in twos, threes and more. There is plenty of black ass rimming, big thick cock swallowing, 69s, plus anal fucking from many different angles. Coco Dorm specializes in showing the action right front and centre on camera. A guy getting his ass rimmed you could almost be there yourself. Hmmmmm very sexy indeed. There are a whole bunch of solo jerk offs which start with an interview, photos and stripping off clothing.

There are around 4,850 videos in total on the site. They are located in various sections, streaming videos, 920 videos, 41 live cam archive, 180 in Streamx and 3,120 are archived streams plus 580 dorm videos. These are normal gay porn videos. Each is offered in MP4 format with three different sizes, so you should have no difficulty playing them on PC/Mac, tablet and mobiles. The quality is of a good amateur quality, of course over time that quality has improved, so older videos may appear of lesser quality but were amateur quality at the time. Older videos are often available in just 2 sizes (320×240 + 480×360) in the WMV format.

Alongside the dorm videos you’ll get a library of photographs available as a zip file for download or a hands free slideshow. These are often digital stills or screencaps from the videos. Both were of a good quality.

As will most live sites, you can watch the guys live at any time of day or night, however, you may catch them sleeping when you log on. Or they are showering and getting dressed, having breakfast, lunch or dinner. Of more interest is the scheduled live shows which feature the guys fully nude with plenty of hardcore gay action. There are 5 live shows scheduled this week (Tuesday to Saturday) starring Daniel Thompson. These take place at 9pm CST/CDT (Chicago US Time). If you need to work out times from your location try World Clock. You need to keep an eye on the schedule as they often add events with not too much notice.

The site is spread over a large number of different areas. Some are updated regularly but others haven’t been updated for ages. The section wannabees showcases, guys who’ve applied to live in the house, who have yet to be selected. Some of the guys have also maintained personal blogs whilst they lived in the house, although this appears to not be updated for the current residents. The older blog entries have plenty to keep you interested. If you like reading about the guys themselves.

The confessions section involves the guys telling us what they are into sexually, this is a hot section where some of the guys just pull out their dicks and start jerking off as they talk about their fantasies.

There is also a free section available to members and non members alike. Here you will find black gay stories, some artwork, drawings and paintings done by the guys. Other free stuff includes a computer desktop calendar featuring a different naked guy each month.

So are there any issues with the site. There are a number worth mentioning. The site is a jumble and looks quite old fashioned and amateur. This might put you off, but shouldn’t as the content they have here is super hot.

If you want to join the site then you click on the ENROLL NOW button at the top of the home page. You have two options $49.97 monthly or $2.97 unlimited trial which rebills at a whopping $59.97. To be honest the pricing is on the high side although for that you are getting the live shows.

Also be careful of the pre-checked cross-sale at the bottom of the join page. If left checked the you will be signed up for a second membership site currently at $14.95 per month with rebills. If you do not wish the extra membership make sure you de-select the option.

Coco Dorm offers members the chance to see real live black guys playing with their big black dicks. If you are into black men and boys then this site could be just the ticket. There are plenty of different types of men and boys from muscled hunks, to ripped jocks and street thugs. Plus a bunch of amateur and boy next door types. All in all there is plenty to keep members busy what with the archived videos and pictures plus the live shows scheduled weekly. This site is definitely one to take a look at especially if you like big dicked black men. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

My Gay Porn List Advice: – If you are new to Coco Dorm then I would go for the 2 day trial. If you like what you see and want a longer membership. Then cancel the trial and select the 30 day membership. This way you save $10 per month.

Membership Costs

$2.97 FOR 2 DAYS Unlimited Trial REBILLS $59.97 EVERY 30 DAYS
$49.97 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $49.97 EVERY 30 DAYS

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Raw Rods

Raw Rods brings you horny bareback ass fucking with huge black dicked men. The range of black men featured covers all bases, from ripped black muscle boys and men, black bruthas and rough street thugs to twinks and black boys next door. Most of the guys featured are in the age range early 20’s to late 30’s. Some have lighter skin other are blacker than black so you’ve plenty of guys to choose from. Many of the guys featured have above average or super large cocks. Most are gay although you will find the odd bi-sexual and straight guy among the crowds.

On Raw Rods the action mostly consists of two hot guys bare backing although you do get a few threesomes and more. A few solos are also included although this is not the main focus of this site. There are plenty of examples of guys with huge dicks getting sucked as well as plenty of ass rimming and these studs really love to eat ass. The fucking is exclusively condom free, the fucking is raw and hardcore. Whilst the action is exclusive to Raw Rods you won’t find this content on any other site, you will however bump into some of the guys who feature on other sites.

The video count at Raw Rods is 279 episodes each consisting of a video and a photo gallery. The videos are offered in MP4 format in three different sizes for download, so you should have no problem watching on PC/Mac, tablet or mobile phone. It’s also possible to stream the videos although they come in a single size but they can be watched full screen and are of a good amateur quality.

Alongside the video there is a gallery of pictures. Some are digital stills and others are video screencaps both of which are of a good amateur quality. The images can be downloaded individually or as a zip file.

Raw Rods has great descriptions of the scenes you are about to watch plus model bios to give you a flavour of the guys taking part. I like this a lot, more sites should spend the time adding this sort of information as it makes for a more enjoyable stay at the site. The scene descriptions will get you wet even before the video has started playing. So be warned.

There is also a computer desktop calendar featuring a different Raw Rods model each month.

The guys behind Raw Rods really know their genre well, the whole look and feel of the site comes alive and is more fun.

The site updates once a week on a Thursday, although we had word from members that the site was recycling some older content as new. This has apparently stopped now so all new content should be just that, brand spanking new.

If you wish to sign up for a membership to Raw Rods you need to click on the INSTANT ACCESS button at the top of the home page. Please be aware of the pre-checked offer on the signup page. If you do not wish to be signed up to a second membership site at a current cost of $14.95 per month plus rebills then make sure you uncheck this offer.

Raw Rods certainly delivers on its promise of horny black men including amateurs, hunks, twinks, and thugs in hardcore bareback action. With a good variety of horny black performers in 279 good-sized videos with matching photo sets, there’s lots here to get off to. The videos can be downloaded, streamed and the smaller ones will play on most mobiles, and the site adds a new video every Thursday. There aren’t a lot of all-black male bareback sites and Raw Rods is one of the best ones out there, with no major issues and plenty of ebony cock. If you’re into black thugs with big dicks in condom-free sex, Raw Rods is definitely worth checking out. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs

$2.97 FOR 2 DAYS trial REBILLS $49.97 EVERY 30 DAYS
$14.97 FOR 30 DAYS trial REBILLS $14.97 EVERY 30 DAYS
$59.95 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $59.95 EVERY 90 DAYS

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Black Boy Addictionz

Black Boy Addictionz is a refreshing change from the myriad of black gay porn sites that focus on the thugs and gangstas genre. Here instead you’ll find plenty of normal black guy next door types. All the young men are amateurs featuring in homemade movies.

You won’t be disappointed as the young black men tend to be in their early twenties with smooth muscled athletic bodies. Some are very good looking but in the main, the boys here are normal types with average looks.

What is not in dispute is the plentiful supply of big thick black cocks which these straight, bisexual or gay guys are flaunting. The site owner Michael Galletta makes the odd appearance in some of the videos and it is clearly him we have to thank for the hardcore action on display. Whether he is behind the camera or in front of it, the black men are into everything hardcore.

You’ll find that Black Boy Addictionz has around 350 videos and they are categorized in various ways to enable you to find what you are looking for. Especially the type of action and model name are important for me. I like to be able to find all the videos a certain model appears in, once I find one I like and this is super easy here.

The action varies, from solo jerks offs all the way up to ass eating (rimming) and hardcore butt fucking. Also included are interracial combinations with white guys on black and black guys on white. I still love to watch a white guy’s cock sliding between those gorgeous black bubble ass cheeks and also a big thick black dick splitting a white guys ass too.

The videos here are most often full scenes (30 minutes or more) and are provided in the MP4 format for streaming and download. More about membership options a bit later. There is a home made ‘amateur’ quality although I must admit that the guy behind the camera knows how to film gay porn with plenty of ass fucking closeups with a focus on the cock pumping away. I like that a lot.

The quality of the streaming was second to none, with no problems with buffering or catch ups interrupting the action on screen. Downloading videos however, took ages (10 to 20 minutes) and I have a fast internet connection.

One disappointment for me is the absence of photo gallery sets. Each video clip comes with a couple of largish screen captures so you get a feel for the action, however I always prefer to skim through the photos to see if I like the guys and the action before starting to stream. But hey that is just me.

Black Boy Addictionz explains the action in comprehensive scenes descriptions explaining a bit about the guys and the action you can expect. The model index also contains plenty of stats about the guy and a nice long description so you really feel like you know the guys a little bit. This is always a plus in my opinion.

Membership to Black Boys Addictionz comes in two flavors. Firstly you can buy a monthly membership which allows you stream as many of their videos that you want. The other option is to buy credits to download the videos for you to keep with no restrictions.

This is handy if you like to watch offline without an internet connection. I know quite a few people actually do both. They have the streaming membership for watching new stuff and the full-back catalog of movies and then buy credits to download only the ones that they really love the most. Downloading a video costs somewhere between 5 to 15 credits (see costs below).

They also have an option to ‘Stash to the Cloud’ where you use your credits to save the movies you want to watch to cloud storage whereby you can come back and watch them over and over again from any internet connected device. This could be useful if you move about a lot and access the net on different devices at different times. Although, if you want to download to watch offline then this option isn’t for you.

Let me mention one issue with Black Boys Addictionz, none of the video updates are dated although the site does update with three additions on a monthly basis.


All in all Black Boys Addictionz is a class act, which gives you just what you are looking for, nice clean living sexy black boys and ebony young men enjoying sucking to hardcore ass fucking. With a nice mix of straight, bi-sexual and gay studs. If you enjoy black on black, boy next door type sex, or indeed interracial action then Black Boys Addictionz should be on your list. I really enjoyed my visit and I recommend you try it too. Cheers, My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs

Buy a streaming only membership

$19.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $19.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$49.95 FOR 90 DAYS NO REBILLS ( 3 months for price of 2)

Buy credits (to download movies or stash to cloud)

15 credits for $14.95
30 credits for $24.95
60 credits for $49.95
100 credits for $79.95
200 credits for $149.95

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