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Helpless Boys is a reality gay porn site that prays on young men picked up along the road looking for a ride into town. They’ve broken down, run out of gas or fallen on hard times and were thumbing a lift. As always help comes in many different forms but the pick-up driver here is extremely helpful but he wants something bigger in return. They’re desperate and he’s willing can’t they just work something out. Well, the answer is yes.

So there is this young dude waiting by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere country, he’s waiting for his friends to pick him up but they never arrive. The guy sees a white van passing and flags it down. The obliging driver slows to a crawl and then comes to a stop.

The driver winds down the window and the boy asks if he can get a ride. Sorted the kid gets in the passenger side of the van and they set off. This time the driver is a big tattooed stud with a shaved head. You wouldn’t want to mess with him. They chat and the stranded guy explains he’s been waiting all this time and didn’t know what else to do.

They chat a little more and it is clear the roughneck driver wants more than a thank you. In this episode the driver tells the fucking little bitch to shut up as he grabs both his hands and ties them tightly with a rope. You are mine now! Yes sir! The driver tells him not to move and they will go to his special quiet spot. Once they come to a standstill the driver leans back and unlocks a metal doorway in between the seats. He pushes the roped up young dude into the back of the pickup.

The driver follows him into the back and locks the metal door. They are now alone in the back of the van. The boy is manhandled and pushed down onto a blanket on his back. The angry driver now straddles the youngster preventing him from struggling as he grabs a hold of the boy’s t-shirt and rips it straight down the front.

Next the driver pulls out an electric cattle prod pressing it against his bare skin and delivering a sharp shock to the boy making him scream in pain. He shocks him repeatedly until the boy submits. There is a lot abusive dirty talk as the driver unzips his jeans and forces the now subservient dude to suck his soft cock, until it gets fully erect. The driver grabs the boy’s head aggressively pressing him onto his hard cock till it chokes the young guy. Despite being straight he realizes he must obey his orders.

Now the boy gets tied to the side of the van and his shorts are removed and he’s made to squat doggie style whilst the driver slides his big uncut dick deep into the boy’s vacant ass hole. The driver makes the boy tell him how he likes a big cock up his ass and to please fuck me harder. The driver forces the boy to work his asshole onto his big dick so he does all the work. The boy grimaces with pain as the driver pumps away hard until he shoots his load deep in his ass. He takes a rest with his dick still in the boy. Then he removes the condom and pours the cum into the boy’s helpless mouth until he’s swallowed it all. The scene ends thereafter.

The drivers tend to be muscular of white, Latino or black heritage around thirty years old and rough looking and they definitely appear scary. Most of these guys are recognizable macho gay porn stars. The helpless guys are also white, black or Latino aged about early to mid-twenties, with athletic slender bodies. They definitely look boyish. Again there is a mix of young gay porn stars here.

Helpless Boys has 22 exclusive videos in MP4 format and they can be downloaded although larger sizes will take time on a slow internet connection. The videos are of a good quality and the lighting and sounds worked perfectly for me.

A photo gallery accompanies each video which tends to be 60 plus screencaps of a good amateur quality. The pictures can be saved individually or viewed in a manual gallery format but there is no autoplay function. Also gallery zips are not available for download.

Joining Helpless Boys means you get access to three other sites. Property POV (9 videos) features a realtor who will go to any lengths to bag a sale and Busted Boys (9 videos) where police arrest a series of street thugs and have their wicked ways with them. The third site Boy Creeper (10 videos) is where masked men break into a young guy’s apartment, tie them up, and abuse them for their own dirty pleasure.

Unfortunately this site and the bonus sites all appear to have stopped updating. On top of that the two-day membership is listed as free rebills at a rate that is not stated anywhere on the site. This is extremely misleading and a no no in my view.

Also when you signup there is a pre-checked join that signs you up to a second straight fetish site at extra monthly cost. Please make sure you opt out of this offer if you don’t want to pay extra for this.

Helpless Boys has a refreshingly different MO and really delivers on what it promises which is young men in a hitchhiker fetish where they are tied up, abused, sucked, and fucked by their savior drivers. The scenes are of high quality. It’s a pity there are only 22 videos on this site as it promised to be a welcome addition to a poorly supported genre of gay porn.

If you enjoy this sort of thing then Help Less Boys could help you out but don’t sign up for anything other than a 1-month membership as you will soon jerk your way through those 22 videos in no time at all. I would also be wary of the free day trial and the pre-check join mentioned above. It’s a shame really as this site’s beginnings were very promising. Cheers, My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs

$00.00 FOR 2 DAYS REBILLS $??? EVERY 30 DAYS* – the site doesn’t list the rebill cost
$39.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $39.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$69.93 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $69.93 EVERY 30 DAYS
$199.92 FOR 360 DAYS REBILLS $199.92 EVERY 360 DAYS


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