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Str8 Hell is a fetish and kink gay porn site from the world-famous American gay porn director William Higgins and as the name suggests features straight and bi-sexual men undergoing various forms of pain and humiliation inflicted on them.

Str8 Hell is based in Eastern Europe since William moved his gay porn production to the Czech Republic way back when, so expect sexy fit young men and boys aged 18 to 25 years of age. The guys are invariably good-looking to boy-next-door and vary from the slim trim twinks to the big butch muscle boys. As this is Europe expect lots of foreskin, as these young men sport bigger than average uncut cocks.

Str8 Hell splits its content into different areas so if you are interested in something and not in others it makes it easy to find what you like. The categories are BACKSTAGE, CASTING, CFNM, AIRPORT SECURITY, DUTY BOUND, RAUNCHY, SPANKING, TICKLING, WRESTLING, HOT ASS, HIGH VOLTAGE, MILKING MEN, and YOUNG OFFENDERS. We’ll take you through each of the categories in more detail.


As the name suggests you get a front-row seat for a look behind some of Str8 Hell’s gay porn movie productions. The videos show you the raw edits with outtakes and funny moments. You won’t be surprised how much effort goes into one of Str8 Hell’s videos with a whole team of cameramen, sound engineers, etc on hand to capture the horny gay action. Some of the backstage scenes are full-on and horny.



Get to see all the hot new guys before they make their debut on Str8 Hell. Some of the guys film their casting interview and then go on to star in many productions and others disappear without a trace. It is fascinating to see these young potential gay porn stars being put through their paces in these interview updates.


CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) where naked straight guy victims are teased and tortured by dominatrix women in sexy outfits. These women poke fun at the guys make their cocks hard and tease them until they cum or they mount the guy’s hard dicks and fuck away using the guy like a dildo sex toy.

Str8 Hell – CFNM


We’ve all been there at a hot airport with the odd gorgeous young frisky security guard and imagined what it would be like having to be stripped searched and abused. Well, young men are pulled out of the line, brought to the office to be stripped and probed with batons and huge uncut cocks.



Str8 Hell’s male bondage where young straight men are bound and/or gagged with their orifices plugged with all manner of implements from broom handles and police batons to electric drills and big uncut dicks.

Str8 Hell – DUTY BOUND


Str8 Hell’s raunchy see helpless straight guys being abused and fucked whilst being bound and gagged or slung in a leather sling or tied to a St Andrew’s Cross. The sexy young men take their punishment and huge uncut dicks with valor.

Str8 Hell – RAUNCHY


As the name suggests straight young men are hogtied and flogged with a variety of spanking implements, riding crops, paddles, canes, and whips. You really feel the pain these sexy dudes inflict on each other and there are plenty of welts left from the tools of the BDSM master.

Str8 Hell – SPANKING


Here the sexy straight young men are tickled all over their bodies with a number of different instruments including electric toothbrushes on the soles of the feet, feathers on their ball sack and abs, pinwheels almost anywhere, or just plain tips of the fingers.

Str8 Hell – TICKLING


Here the young straight men are oiled up and wrestle each other into submission most often in just their tight sexy underwear and eventually totally nude. The winner often gets sucked or gets to fuck the loser. Or they both jerk their big uncut dicks side by side spraying their jizz over each other.



Here the focus is on everything anal – the sexy young straight dudes have their asses exposed, prodded, and probed with a multitude of different sized dildos, anal beads, drill fuck machines, and the plain old finger. See how these guys get their asses pummeled every which way they can. If you are an ass man then this could be for you.

Str8 Hell – HOT ASS


Electrocution and vibration is the name of the game here. Nipple, anal, balls are clamped with electric cables and shocked to increase the sensation as the straight young men are abused. If they don’t succumb then up goes the voltage. Vibrating anal beads are inserted and the vibration level increased or decreased as the young BDSM master decides.



Hot sexy young straight men’s big uncut dicks get the attention they deserve in Milking Men. Their big cocks are jerked to the limit or edged until both explode with huge orgasmic streams of jizz. Often the guys are restrained in some way so all the cock action is out of their direct control. Some very hot men unloading here.



Young straight men spied on by security guards are arrested for shoplifting (stealing goods) from the store and are brought to the office to be interrogated by the overbearing police or security men. As these young punks argue and fight they are abused, stripped naked, and forced to perform sexual acts. These young perps suck the officers’ dick, get brutalized with batons, and get their straight asses fucked.



Str8 Hell is currently updating with about 3 MP4 videos per week and the latest videos are available in 4K high definition and play well on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You can download or stream all the videos.

Alongside each video is an image gallery with good quality digital images or screencaps from the videos. And with 4K videos, the screencaps are of excellent quality. There isn’t a hands-free slideshow but you can click the forward or back navigation and you can save your favorites or download them all in a zip file.

Str8 Hell has a mass of content across the whole site there are 3,901 video scenes with over 2,824 different models. Each scene has a long description that explains what you can expect to see in the video and the models have a pretty comprehensive biography so you can get to know the players a bit better.


New members who want to download videos are limited to 17GB per day in the first month (about 17 movies a day) which although it is limited is quite generous. There is no limit to streaming right from day one.

Be careful if you choose to signup as on the second signup page there is a preselected Today’s Special which will sign you up to a second gay porn site at cost with rebills until canceled. It is easy to unclick the box to decline this invitation.

Site search doesn’t actually find anything, this is disappointing as with such a large amount of content search would be a nice way to find stuff. Models each have a bio page where you can find out details about them.


If you are into straight young European jocks and twinks engaging in BDSM bondage, spanking, and the like then there is much to recommend Str8 Hell. The latest videos are available in the highest definition 4K which is one of the few gay porn sites that film in this quality. A membership to Str8 Hell will likely keep you jacked for many months as there is so much back content plus the three weekly updates so there is new stuff arriving at regular intervals. If you like Eastern European young dudes with bigger than average uncut cocks with loads of foreskin then Str8 Hell is one to investigate. Cheers, My Gay Porn List.

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$29.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $24.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$59.95 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $59.95 EVERY 90 DAYS **$19.98 per month**
$89.95 FOR 183 DAYS REBILLS $89.95 EVERY 183 DAYS ***$14.99 per month***

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