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My Friend’s Feet has been leading the pack as the premier destination for men who are fascinated with everything to do with men and boys’ feet for the last 20 or so years. So if you are into bare feet, toes, soles, socked feet, barefoot, tickling, and general foot worship then this is your first port of call on the web.

You’ll find yourself mesmerized by the feet on display at My Friend’s Feet as they cover a wide range of men and boys aged 18 – early 40s. The site owner worships feet and everything that goes with them and it shows as the site is a homage to this very popular gay porn genre.

Foot fetishism, also known as foot partialism or podophilia, is a pronounced sexual interest in feet.

It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts.

The guys range from total amateurs all the way through to world-famous gay porn stars and expect to see plenty of young ripped jocks, muscle dudes, hairy daddies, and big muscle bodybuilders.

As the focus here is on all things feet, some of the videos do not contain any male nudity although many do. The men come from all walks of life, so you will come across mailmen, and blue-collar workers, pinstriped businessmen, as well as young skateboarders and sport’s kit fanatics.

The scenes tend to start in two main ways either the guy is fully or partially clothed with socks and sneakers or smart shoes or his feet are uncovered. The focus always remains on the feet.

Some of the scenes create a theme such as a prisoner and a prison guard or worshipping feet through socks or tickling men’s feet with a variety of different instruments. The action takes place with either a solo guy having his feet worshipped or with a couple of guys doing the foot worship.

My Friend’s Feet is split into a number of distinct sub-genres with Bare Feet Area, Sock Area, Tickle Area, Worship Area plus All Content so you can focus on just your thing or enjoy everything the site has to offer. Let’s cover each of these areas:

Bare Feet Area

As the name suggests the intention here is to see the guy’s bare feet but the scene starts with a guy say in his sports kit with his sneakers being removed, then his socks so the guy doing the worshipping can nibble at his toes and lick his bare soles, etc. Here is an example of the type of guys in the Bare Feet area:

My Friend’s Feet – Bare Feet Area

We clicked on the first image of Chase and here is a small selection of the images in the gallery:

My Friend’s Feet – Bare Feet Area – Chase – Chase Lachance comes home after a long day at work, all sweaty and looking sexy as hell.

Socked Feet Area

The main focus here is worshipping socked feet, so expect sexy gym studs with their sweaty smelly socks or perhaps hot businessmen with their dress socks all lovingly attended to by a hardcore sock fetishist. Here is an example of the type of guys in the Sock Area:

My Friend’s Feet – Socked Feet Area

We clicked on Cain so here is a small selection of the images in the gallery:

My Friend’s Feet – Socked Feet Area – Cain – Cain is huge at 6’2″ tall with red hair, a hairy chest, and size 14 feet. He still looks like a lumberjack, although here he’s in his workout clothes after the gym.

Tickle Area

Tickle torture is the aim of this section, where you will find plenty of hot men and boys being subjected to uncontrolled tickling. Often restrained by ropes or straitjackets or with their feet in stocks preventing them from evading the tickle menace. A whole plethora of instruments are used, to inflict the tickling sensation from electric toothbrushes and feathers as well as fingers applied to the feet, armpits, and stomach, and other areas of the body. It’s torture by any other name.

My Friend’s Feet – Tickle Area

We clicked on Aldo so here is a screenshot from the video:

My Friend’s Feet – Tickle Area – Aldo

Feet Worship Area

The guys’ feet are worshiped with touching, tickling, smelling, kissing, biting, licking, and sucking toes. You’ll find all sorts of guys here with high arches, long or short toenails, long and short toes, and all with unique feet.


My Friend’s Feet has a large collection of 1,142 MP4 videos with updates coming twice a week. Videos are available for streaming and downloads with good amateur quality with both playing well on laptops, tablets, and phones.

Alongside the videos are 1,490 image galleries with updates once per week. The pictures are of a good amateur quality which can be downloaded as a zip file or saved individually. It is possible to view the images online with back and forward navigation but no handsfree viewer.


Membership allows you some additional fun elements including member stories which are a huge and growing set of user’s own fantasy foot fetish stories. There is also Archilles Heel Art which are comic cartoon characters in the foot worshipping theme. Members also get free access to Jason Strong Tickling with some 500 plus bare-foot, tickling-themed videos.

As a member, you can also take advantage of My Friend’s Feet chat function or their personal contact ads where you can swap stories or fantasies with other members. This area was fascinating with plenty of action going on there.


The website has a definite dated feel but it is very easy to navigate and the site is lovingly cared for by the owner who is a foot fetish fan and it shows. Personally, I like the website style and operation cannot be faulted.


My Friend’s Feet is a truly unique destination for men looking for bare-foot and socked feet action. Joining the site you really feel like you are entering a private club of like-minded guys. If you love feet then you have plenty to check out here. You will find all sorts of guys featured and with 1,142 MP4 videos and 1,490 image galleries plus twice-weekly updates you are never far away from hot new stuff. A very good introduction to the novice or a seasoned foot lover. Cheers, My Gay Porn List.

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$69.99 FOR 180 DAYS REBILLS $69.99 EVERY 180 DAYS
$99.99 FOR 365 DAYS REBILLS $99.99 EVERY 365 DAYS

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