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Gay porn network site Say Uncle offers access to 23 gay porn sites all for a single monthly fee. These include 9 popular sites such as Brother Crush, Missionary Boys, Family Dick, Young Perps, Black Godz, Latin Leche, StayHome Bro, Dad Creep and Yes Father.

Brother Crush, Family Dick, and Dad Creep offer us the step father/step brother duos with some hot fucking combos.

Say Uncle – Brother Crush

Say Uncle – Family Dick
Say Uncle – Dad Creep

Missionary Boys and Yes Father focus on secret ‘religious’ like ceremonies with priests and the like sucking and fucking their mostly young impressionable flock.

Say Uncle – Missionary Boys
Say Uncle – Yes Father

Young Perps runs along with the arrest of young punk shoplifters who get caught and punished by their overbearing security guys.

Say Uncle – Young Perps

Latin Leche focuses on South American young men in sordid gay sex.

Say Uncle – Latin Leche

Black Godz features ripped black muscle dudes and white guys fucking.

Say Uncle – Black Godz

Stay Home Bro is a new site with home POV (handheld video) content from the comfort of their lockdown homes.

Say Uncle – Stay Home Bro

The other 14 sites are a mix of sites with plenty of content. Throughout the Say Uncle network there is a ton of horny content so there is something for everyone’s taste. The main 9 sites tend to focus on established and new gay porn stars in role playing.

The men and boys featured are slim to well built with average to big cocks aged between early 20s to mid-40s. As the sites tend to be from America most of the dicks on show are cut/circumcised. The only exception is Latin Leche which features Argentine men who invariably keep their foreskins intact.

The vast majority of the action is between two guys with a focus on cock sucking and hardcore bareback ass fucking. Missionary Boys, Family Dick, and Yes Father often focus on older for younger gay sex. Sometimes the sex is between younger guys of a similar age. This is role-playing at its best. The fantasy works in the main and the sex is super hot.

At Young Perps the stars are mostly famous gay porn stars and those into security uniforms will be well entertained as the security guards are often well endowed big muscle dudes and their pray are often lithe young men in their early 20s. The fantasy is well played out.

Brother Crush as the name suggests is a role-playing site where step-brothers explore sex with each other. Sometimes the guys are of a similar age but other times it’s the older brother who seduces the younger ones and vice versa. Brother Crush has introduced us to quite a few new younger gay porn stars.

Latin Leche’s young men are of Argentine heritage with large uncut cocks and nice trim bodies aged in their early 20s. Black Godz has ebony hotties with big black cocks aged early 20s to mid-30s fucking white guys.

Say Uncle together has around 1,000 MP4 videos which play well on mobiles, tablets and laptops. The movies are of a good amateur quality with good lighting and sound.

Alongside the videos are galleries of images. There are between 10 and 50 images per gallery and they are often high-quality stills or good quality screencaps. There is an image viewer but no automatic slideshow. If you have individual favorites you can save as or download a zip file of the whole set.

Most sites are updating about once a week with Family Dick updating every two weeks. So there is something new to see regularly across all the sites.

There is an issue on the join page where there is a pre-checked offer which if left selected will sign you up to another gay porn membership site which will rebill monthly in addition to your membership of Say Uncle. It is easy to click this to deselect the offer.

Say Uncle is a hot property and if you like role-playing then it is definitely a high-quality addition to the gay porn scene. There is plenty of content to keep you busy for ages and each of the sites are updating on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Plenty to recommend. Cheers, My Gay Porn List.

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