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About 5 years ago Stew a 40-year-old Daddy living in downtown NY set up a glory hole in his apartment and he invites random men over so that he can suck their dicks.

You’d be amazed how many guys pop along and stick their cocks through the glory hole for a quick blowjob. The line must be around the corner, I wonder what his neighbors make of it.

Stew is totally turned on by sucking men’s dicks and swallowing their cum loads. The visitors are a heavy mix of absolute newcomers and regulars all looking for a bit of tongue loving around their erect penises.

Stew in his trademark sunglasses and baseball cap never turns away a guy although we only get to see their cocks. The camera only shows Stew and the cock he is milking. The men’s dicks are all shades of the rainbow, big and small, long and stubby.

Stew will service any dick he is offered. No matter the sexuality of the owners be they bi, straight, or gay every dick is worshipped in Stew’s unique cocksucking fashion. Some of the dicks are literally huge but Stew never struggles to accommodate even the very biggest.

Stew gives names to the guys he’s sucking like Chocolate Juice, Construction Worker, Soccer Dad, etc and there is a brief storyline.

A recent couple of examples will give you a feel for what the video is about:

Rainy Day Suck and Fuck – This hot 27 year old guy needed to get his cock sucked for a while, and then asked me to drop my pants. He took my hungry hole for a ride and deposited his warm cum load deep inside. There’s something to be said for the stamina of youth.

Construction Worker Gloryhole Milked – This hot construction worker needs to fill a warm throat. After viewing my website, he decides I’m the man he wants to suck his hard cock and then eat his weeks worth of cum. Mission accomplished!

It is interesting to listen to the guys moaning and talking dirty to Stew as he manipulates their dicks from being soft to a full erection using only his hands and his lips and tongue. Deepthroating takes on a new meaning when Stew is in the booth he literally can chow down on any length or thickness without a second thought or hesitation.

Occasionally the guys are in the mood to fuck an ass so Stew will offer his ass hole to them through the glory hole just like in the gay porn movies of yesteryear.

Recent Updates – GloryHole Hookups

To say that Stew is an accomplished cocksucker would be to do him a disservice he clearly provides pleasure and release to a whole tribe of horned-up men from around the big city.

The guys on the other hand come in all shapes and sizes and their orgasms vary from the quick and punchy to the long slow dribble. Stew has a way to coax even the most nervous of cummers to deliver their juice over his face or in his mouth. He licks and swallows their jizz not leaving any to go to waste.

Sometimes the MO changes and a guy will want to fuck Stew so you get to see more of the other dude. For example:

Sling Fuck My Cock Hungry Ass – This guy wanted my ass in the sling, and I couldn’t think of a reason why not. He delivered a good hard fucking that gave both of us what we needed that day. Damn, I like a man who knows how to fuck!

GloryHole Hookups has the feel of a site that is lovingly put together and the videos are the result of one man’s passion for servicing and juicing cocks. There are around 530 videos all MP4 format for downloading or streaming and they vary in length from 5 minutes in the early days to over 20 minutes for the latest videos. All the videos are of an amateur quality with pretty ok sound.

Alongside the videos is a photo set although not all videos have a related set of photos. The images are screencaps of the movies so they give you a good idea of what to expect before watching the movie in full. All the images are good amateur quality. You can get a zip of all the photos which is handy or save individual favorites.

Stew updates his site once a week with a new video and associated picture gallery and all the new additions are dated so you can keep track of the new stuff.

Membership to GloryHole Hookups includes access to the whole of the CJXXX Network with over 31 additional sites included. So there is plenty of other content to keep you interested. In addition to the bonus sites there are third party video channels and a streaming movie theatre with over 1,200+ videos.


Stew really comes at this website with a lot of love and attention and it shows. If you are into blowjobs and glory hole action then this is a very good site to support your passion. There is something very engaging and addictive to the site and I am always wondering how each guy will turn out when they come to unload. Stew is very accomplished as a cocksucker and he gives good service to all the horned-up men in NY city. With weekly updates plus all the other 31 bonus sites and movie feeds and theater you really get a lot for your money.

If cocksucking is your thing then GloryHole Hookups is going to keep you coming back for more. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs

$29.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $29.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$69.95 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $69.95 EVERY 90 DAYS

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