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Czech Gay Toilets is an amateur voyeuristic site from the Czech Republic, featuring men undoing their flies and going for a piss. Hidden cameras from above and one hidden in the toilet urinal itself capture all the piss action.

If you’ve ever wondered how men (straight and young mostly) go about their pissing business then this is a website for you. For piss lovers or those developing an interest in piss Czech Gay Toilets offers you a cock eye view.

The top camera allows you to see who the guys are, who comes in for a piss and what happens before and after they’ve pissed. I found myself playing a game trying to decide who would shake after, who was piss (or cock) shy) and who wiped their bell end with toilet tissue paper. You get to see it all and closeup too.

Having reviewed some of their videos it is clear that most of the guys are young men of college age (18 to 30 years old). Most are slim build with some athletic jocks and boy next door types thrown in. As this is Central Eastern Europe the men all come with their foreskins intact. You’ll see some huge uncut cocks here.

Unfortunately the most we get to see is the guy peeing, so their big floppy dicks never get aroused and erect. Still if you have fantasies about hiding away in a public toilet whilst watching straight young men pissing then you’re going to have a lot of fun here.

Czech Gay Toilets has 66 exclusive videos and updates on a monthly basis. None of the videos are dated so we have no idea if the update schedule is correct although we believe it is. Videos are streaming and also downloadable in MP4 format and these should play on most mobile phones including Android and Apple devices. Video length is short as long as the time it takes to have a piss and they are not edited so you get the full scene as such.

The site Czech Gay Toilets is part of a small gay porn network called Czech AV which includes 3 additional voyeuristic sites: Czech Gay Casting, Czech Gay Fantasy and Czech Gay Solarium. Membership to Czech Gay Toilets gives you free access to the other sites.

Czech Gay Casting – where Czech guys audition to be in porn movies
Czech Gay Fantasy – where young Czech guys act out their fantasies
Czech Gay Solarium – Czech guys stripping naked and tanning their bodies

These three network sites add about another 120 videos for you to enjoy. Additionally, the network includes a number of gay feeds with niches such as barebacking, college guys, Asian and amateur hook-ups to name a few. These feeds update regularly.

So as we’ve mentioned the main issue with this site is the fact that it is still small, with 66 videos of average length 3-5 minutes you would quickly run out of videos to watch. Only signup for a membership to this site if you are really into watching straight guys having a piss. Of course you have the additional network sites to work through and the bonus feeds. I would recommend only a one month membership and then see how you go after that.

So in review, Czech Gay Toilets does what is says by featuring young amateur European guys from Czech Republic going to the bathroom, pulling out their dick and letting the piss flow. All the urinal action is caught on camera both above and from within the urinal bowl. You can’t get a better view unless you were kneeling down in front of the guys yourself.

I like the idea that this site and it’s network sites portray however, it’s a shame that they don’t update more regularly. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs

$29.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $29.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$64.95 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $64.95 EVERY 90 DAYS**
$99.95 FOR 180 DAYS NO REBILLS**

** Please be aware that this site updates irregularly or not at all, so do not book a membership longer than 30 days.

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