Hottie straight American stud Don strips and strokes his huge 8 inch dick

Island Studs says: Sexy straight American dude Island Studs Don wanks out a huge cum load.

Tall, Anal, Horny, “I Love Fingering My Hole!” Dirty Don’s 2nd video.

Big 8″ Dick Don delivers a Jerkin’ Fest & Gaping Manhole Festival as he bends over, spreads his white ass cheeks wide open with both hands for our cameras 9 times revealing his perky pink man hole gaping wide open in extreme close, poses & flexes his bulging biceps both in his sexy crotchless and backless underwear which can barely contain this big 8″ cock.

He takes a piss outdoors, loves showing off his butt hole as he takes us through a whole nudist gym workout, pumping iron with a boner, tortures his 8″ swollen cock with the metal barbell, walks around in the lush Hawaiian Tropical Garden with his cock and balls dangling, climbs up a ladder, balls out.

He’s busy trimming branches, grabs his crotch repeatedly, screams loudly as his blasts cum while his entire body shakes in a full body Don orgasm, before taking a sexy outdoor shower in the sun, carefully washing his sexy feet and taking time to soap up and show us his amazing gaping manhole again.

Handsome, Hung, Blue Collar All American Don, 35, a towering 6′ and a tanky 200 lbs. construction worker from Tampa Bay, Florida, loves boasting about his popularity and sexual Playboy lifestyle since relocating to Hawaii last year. “Long-Term Relationships Hamper my Game,” he says with a gorgeous mischievous smirk.

Listen to him tell how often he is recognised around town after appearing on in his debut jerk off video, currently online. Many of my Bros are jealous that I was requested to model for the site. “And now I get hit on a lot from guys who’ve seen my video!” he adds.

Don discusses his two defining phrases, perseverance and determination, inscribed above his huge pecs. This video shows horny Don talking about his new life on the Islands while stroking his lovely, well developed 8″ cock.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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