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Gemini Men is a site set up specifically to showcase straight guys and their antics. The first impression of the site is that it is a bit dated and I agree that it’s is not as modern and slick as some other sites online. However, Gemini Men really delivers on its core idea.

Whereas other amateur straight guy sites pretend their guys are really straight but they are often a gay/bi mix, here you are left with no doubt that these are truly straight.

You are going to see a lot of guys who are experimenting with non-straight sexual activities many for the first time in their life and certainly for the first time on camera. We don’t know where Gemini Men find their straight guys but they sure as hell keep them coming. There are no gay-for-pay porn stars or regular ‘gay’ hoes here.

Some of the guys become GM regulars so you get to see how their journey progresses from a solo wank off session, through side-by-side wanking, touching another man’s dick to sucking and some anal sex as well. Each of the regulars has a different back story and makes different progress.

Regardless of your type you are bound to find some of the straight guys featured here, hot. They range in age from 18 years old to late 30s in the main, with the majority maxing out in their late 20s.

There is a whole host of guys queuing up to feature in their own video vignettes for cash. So you can expect office workers, blue-collar guys, athletic jocks plus boy next door types. There really is someone for everybody. Even if straight guys aren’t your thing you will find yourself drawn to some of these young men.

These are regular guys with everyday jobs, some of whom work out a bit at the gym but aren’t gym bunnies. As you would expect the site tends to mirror straight men in society so some are hairy whilst others are smooth. Some tatted up whilst others are tattoo-free. It’s refreshing to see guys who don’t mow their pubic bush and have hairy sweaty armpits, as I said these guys are real.

Gemini Men – Most Viewed Updates

Mark from Gemini Men loves to accompany these straight men on their journey which starts with a simple interview about how the guys came to be in front of the cameras, what sexual experiences they have, what they like in bed, and if they’ve ever thought about sex with guys. The questioning is light and helps the nervous ones to relax as they slowly strip off their clothes. They usually end up fully naked or partially dressed depending on the guy in question.

Considering this is their first time naked on camera, most of the guys follow instructions from the cameraman with ease. The light banter tends to relax them as he asks them to stretch your balls and show off your soft cock, or bend over and shows us your ass crack.

The initial introduction interviews generally end with the guys jerking off their hard dicks firing off some impressive cum shots.

That may be all you will see of that particular guy as he’s unloaded and picked up his cash and run. Other more adventurous types return and are persuaded to engage in other activities. Depending on the guy this can be fingering their hole whilst jerking their dick, ass play with a dildo or butt plug, or wanking off using a Fleshlight.

Other more brave dudes are up for more interactive action, touching another man’s dick or having their cock wanked by another straight guy. Some engage in having their dick sucked by another man or even to mutual blowjobs. This may be far enough for most but there are quite a few who want to try anal sex. And yes both fucking as a top or being fucked as a bottom.

I am always amazed how straight guys could get fucked by another straight guy’s big dick. I get the fact that fucking a much tighter hole is what most straight guys dream for. But the number who are willing to get fucked in the ass always astounds me.

There is a majority of guys who develop a thing for ass play be it with their fingers or toys. There is something for every straight man lover here. There are some piss videos, sex dolls, and mutual masturbation, and helping hand massages.

Gemini Men has around 960 exclusive videos to download or stream. You can download or stream the latest videos in 3GP and MP4 files and these work fine on both desktop and mobile phones. Older videos have WMV, MP4, and QT files plus 3GP for phones. The clips are generally good quality.

Updates come with a video and gallery of pictures with autoplay functionality. All are shot in good lighting and sound quality. The images are screencaps and vary in quality depending on the age of the video. GM doesn’t offer zip files so you have to save images individually.

Gemini Men – Recent Updates

Gemini Men updates each Friday without fail. You also get the occasional bonus update which happens fairly regularly.

There are a number of issues to discuss. Gemini Men has implemented a download limitation to prevent individual members from downloading more than 4GB per day. This seems reasonable as many websites are under strain because of pirated copies of their content appearing on websites hosted in countries where copyright laws are not enforced.

This is an amateur site so don’t expect the highest production values, don’t get me wrong the videos are super hot but there can be glitches now and then with sound or vision. But I think that this goes some way to making GM unique and is one of the things I treasure about the site. Plus the straight men you see here are not all over the web they are exclusive to GM.


Gemini Men is a classic site of good-quality straight man videos and images. There are 960 videos and photosets (screencaps from the videos) so plenty to get your teeth into plus the weekly updates every Friday. The site is a little old fashion looking but this doesn’t detract in my view from the scorching hot guys.

The straight guys are initially there for the cash, some film a one-off audition video and are gone but others come back again and again and engage in all sorts of ‘not exactly straight’ men activities, which always keeps me guessing and interested.

If you like regular dudes with rough hands and dirt under their fingernails then you’ve come to the right place. Mark at Gemini Men gently coaxes the guys to give more and many of them do and it is engrossing to watch. I love to see how real straight guys interact with each other when getting naked and playing with each other.

I would have no trouble recommending Gemini Men to straight guy fanciers who want to see some hot ass play and the occasional man-on-man anal.

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$28.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $28.95 EVERY 30 DAYS

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