Dirty Scout

They want a job, we want their holes!

My name is tom and I am a dirty scout

Dirty Scout as the name suggests is a Czech employment agency with a difference. No problem if you have no qualifications or job prospects the guys at Dirty Scout can help you out in more ways than you can imagine.

Yes the guys behind Dirty Scout troll the streets of Prague in the Czech Republic in Eastern Europe looking for hot young straight men, well most of them turn out to be straight. They offer the chance for these hard up boys to earn a good fee for easy work.

When they get their victims back to the employment office the story slowly unfurls and these mostly amateur guys find out that in return for flashing their uncut cocks they can clean up a sizeable fee. You can see the Czech Crowns flashing in the guys eyes. Of course once they flashed their dicks the agency suggests they could earn more for sucking a guys dick.

Oh well it would only be once and no one is going to know are they? So out comes the guy’s dick and the straight Czech dude is on his knees sucking down hard on a dick just as any gay boy would, given half the chance.

You can see that these guys are already knee deep and once again the cash prize rises if the agency guy can fuck their ass. The Czech boys shift uncomfortably in their chairs, mesmerized by the cash on offer. More than a months wages in most Eastern European countries. So without exception each of the young boys agrees to getting their ass fucked in return for a hefty lump of cash.

If you like the premise of young 18-25 year old Czech amateur guys with uncut cocks getting seen to by a fit older (30’s) gay guy then Dirty Scout could be for you. It is a nice change to the Bait Bus trope where sexy girls act as bait.

Dirty Scout is an enjoyable site especially the interview section at the start of each episode. If you are into young straight Eastern European boys then you could have a look at this fun site. It is quite funny to see the guys weighing up the cost/benefit and every one without exception decides the cash is more important. The site has over 100 videos or victims plus another 500 or so videos on two bonus sites. Do watch the hilarious first video at the top of the Dirty Scout site, it will set the mood entirely. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs


$19.99 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $19.99 EVERY 30 DAYS

$29.95 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $29.99 EVERY 90 DAYS (only $9.99 a month)

$59.99 FOR 365 DAYS REBILLS $59.99 EVERY 365 DAYS ( only $4.99 a month)

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Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter is a reality gay porn site where straight young Czech men (18-25 years old) are picked up on the streets of Prague and other Eastern European cities and enticed to get naked for cash. If you like slim to well built young European straight guys with uncut cocks then you should stick around. You’ll see lots of dicks big and small with their foreskins intact.

The focus here is on the Czech Hunter a gay dude with a hell of a huge uncut cock who trawls the streets of the capital looking for victims, usually solo guys but sometimes two straight guy friends.

The camera work is POV so its shot from the point of view of the Czech Hunter so you see what he sees in effect.

The stories tend to follow a similar pattern where CH searches out solo young men who are looking to earn a bit of extra cash. The guys are straight off the streets so they are natural and inquisitive as well as a bit unsure about what is going to transpire.

Most of the guys are quite willing to drop their pants for a fee and of course the fee goes up the more they are willing to do. You can see that once straight guys step onto the slippery slope they are easily lead over the edge by further bundles of notes.

The scenes start often in public parks and quiet areas around the city. Czech Hunter first asks the victim to show him their cock for a small fee. Then they retire to somewhere deserted and he wants the guy to suck his cock again the fee goes up. As they continue the fee keeps rising as the guy gets closer to being naked and finally CH goes for the kill offering them a bunch of notes to allow him to fuck their asses.

I am always amazed by how many straight young Czech dudes will let CH fuck them with his huge uncut dick as long as the price is right. If the action progresses well CH takes the guy to a hotel room and the action can continue unabated and without the risk of public exposure. Although the public settings can add a bit to the excitement.

All the action is real and unscripted. These are real straight guys who are looking for a break and will do just about anything for a cash reward.

Fans of POV camerawork will enjoy the true reality feel to the videos, lighting isn’t always perfect especially when they are filming outdoors or in abandoned warehouses but you can see the action clearly and hear their chatter. Not that most people will understand as the guys speak Czech and there is intermittent subtitling. The moaning sounds the same in any language and it is hot.

A number of recent episodes have Czech Hunter together with two straight guys, usually friends and here they start off sucking each other and CH then one or both gets fucked by CH.

If you like gay for pay style reality porn featuring hot young European dudes then Czech Hunter has something for you to enjoy. The site is growing with weekly updates and currently has 350 videos in total.

The 30-50 minute videos are offered for download and streaming in MP4 format which is good for desktop and mobiles. They are good amateur quality and bearing in mind the POV and the lighting issues mentioned above they are pretty watchable. The lack of quality sometimes doesn’t really detract from the story playing out on the screen.

Most updates have photo sets of 10-30 pictures which are mainly screen caps of the video and the quality is pretty good. Czech Hunter doesn’t provide zipped files so you have to right click and save as. There is a automated screen show which takes you through the photos one at a time.

Czech Hunter membership includes two other Czech themed sites, Debt Dandy which humiliates the straight guys they pick up before they follow a similar path to the sex. The other site is Dirty Scout which formulates itself as a talent agency looking for employees, the prospective employees have to undertake a number of acts, all gay sex-related to get sent for the job. Both these sites are updating weekly as well.

The join page mentions that there are three updates a week, while this is referring to the 3 updates across all of the network sites. Also they mention that there 800 plus videos but I think that it slightly overstating the number and of course they are talking about videos across all three sites.


Czech Hunter remains a very popular site offering hot public POV sex and gay for pay action with regular weekly updates. If you like European Czech guys with uncut dicks then you’ll love the other two bonus sites, both of which are updating weekly.

This is gay sex taking place in public and they never seem too concerned about getting caught all of which adds to the story. The young straight men are believable and there is nothing to suggest this site is faking their backstories. So its all very real indeed. If you love the thought about straight men going gay for pay then you’ll find a lot to like at Czech Hunter. Cheers, My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs

$29.99 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $29.99 EVERY 30 DAYS
$49.99 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $49.99 EVERY 90 DAYS
$99.99 FOR 360 DAYS REBILLS $99.99 EVERY 360 DAYS

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English Lads

English Lads has a long history as the top voted British amateur gay porn site. It is undoubtedly the most popular featuring amateur young men aged 18 to 30 years old. The site has changed over the years and now focuses more on fit athletic young men with ripped abs and muscle toned bodies. As it focuses mainly on British / English guys there is plenty of uncut cock on offer. And large ones at that.

You will literally find all sorts of guys here, some with facial hair or hairy chests, smooth chested guys with hairy asses and legs. Quite a few of the young men are sporting tattoos of various sizes. Most of the guys range from good looking to stunning good looks.

English Lads is another of those gay for pay sites, in that it focuses on young straight men and encourages them to perform for us gay guys. All new guys featured usually arrive by way of a solo jerking video and photoshoot. If this goes well and the guy is up for it, he will return for a session with another more experienced straight guy. This second session maybe a man on man massage or perhaps the older guy wanks and sucks the newbies dick. Slowly but surely the guys at English Lads increase the money on offer until the guys are sucking and fucking like there is no tomorrow.

Of course some straight guys never get around to bottoming but are happy to fuck a male ass, they just love that tight hole on their uncut dicks. Watching a straight bottom guy makes me wonder if these guys are truly straight or should be classed as gay. However, it is clear in many of the video updates that the bottom isn’t enjoying himself as much as the top is. Plus there are some straight guys who are totally versatile, they love sex and don’t mind who they are having sex with. Male or female, it’s just sex.

English Lads has itself incubated a number of internationally famous gay porn stars including Paddy O’Brian and Matt Hughes with his massive 12 inch uncut cock to name but a few. There are over 520 models featured.

The site is updated every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday without fail. English Lads is therefore a huge site with over 1027 High Definition videos. Each week you get either two videos and a photo gallery or two galleries and one video. Videos are available for streaming but if you sign up for more than a month then you have access to video downloads as well, once your initial 30 day period is over.

Videos are available to download in a number of sizes in both MP4 and WMV format. And both download and streaming of MP4s should play on most mobiles and tablets with no problems. The video options are comprehensive in relation to sizes plus English Lads offers a long version plus a short version of each video. The shortened video cuts out any extraneous chatter and non sex content. This means you can get right into the action without all the fluff.
Each video comes with a set of pictures. There are currently some 1,135 picture galleries, each containing hundreds of high quality digital images. Download zip files are available but again you cannot access them until you are a member for over 30 days. In the meantime all members can enjoy the images in a hands free slideshow.

Additionally English Lads contains a blog, where they post public performance pictures from gay pride events around the UK. Here you can also get a hold of the new 2016 calendar featuring the most popular stars from the site. There is also an active members’ forum where you can chat with like-minded guys about your English Lads favorites and suggest pairings or sex you’d like to see on the site.

The website of English Lads is pretty crowded and looks a tad old fashioned these days. However, it remains the most popular gay porn website in the UK. The search functionality on the site isn’t the most comprehensive I’ve seen. It is possible to search on model, by model category (bi, straight, gay etc) and the model with the most votes. It is not easy to find the action you like unfortunately.

As part of the security for English Lads if you save individual pictures your username and date will appear on the bottom of the photograph. It appears that English Lads don’t want guys like us sharing their photos on social networking sites etc.

If you are interested in British guys with big uncut cocks then English Lads has a lot to offer you. Good looking amateur straight dudes with fit toned muscular bodies with the odd average guy and twink thrown in for good measure. The huge number of videos and photo galleries I promise that you will have plenty to keep yourself busy. All in all English Lads is well worth the dollars. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs

Access to last 2 years videos and photo sets excluding Premium content

$31.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $31.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$85.95 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $85.95 EVERY 90 DAYS

Access to last 5 years videos and photo sets excluding Premium content

$64.00 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $64.00 EVERY 30 DAYS
$172.00 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $172.00 EVERY 90 DAYS

Videos and Photo sets 5+ years – only available with “Last 5 Years” membership

Content older than 5 years is purchased per video or photo set and priced between $5.41 and $16.22 each

To buy content older than 5+ years you need a “Last 5 Years” membership and had a previous 30+ day membership

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Fit Young Men

Fit Young Men is a British website which is not strictly a gay porn site at all. It features hot straight British athletic sportsmen stripping off for the camera. Many of these sexy gorgeous young men are amateurs and it is their first time taking their clothes off. All the men are good looking with great ripped young bodies. As this is a British site the men are almost always uncut so there is plenty of foreskin on display.

Some of the straight young men featured have facial hair and hairy chests if that is your thing. They’re all active sportsmen so you get a little bit of information including their sports. I think there is plenty of gym work intertwined with their sports as all the guys are super fit and hunky.

This is a photo website so there are no videos which is a shame but still we aren’t complaining as the pictures are shot with a professional photographers skill. The photo shoots tend to start with the guys kitted out in their sports gear, before they strip naked. There is plenty of muscle flexing and fans of crotch bulges will love their underwear, swimwear shots.

As the guys get naked most of the guys get their big uncut cocks hard and jerk off, spilling their warm cum across their ripped abs and chests. If you like socks and sneakers then there is plenty to keep you interested here. The photography is second to none, and the photos really show these beautiful guys in their best light. You really get lost in the photos admiring the work that has gone into producing such wonderful muscled bodies.

At the date of the review there are 740 photoshoots featuring around 595 models with a total of 164,163 photos. The photos are of a high photographic quality, the highest definition in a number of different sizes. All members get access to the smaller two sizes of photos with long term members (60 or 120 days) getting access to the larger sizes.

So each set of photos contains 200 to 500 plus photos. So you can surely find your absolute favorites that you wish to download and keep. The photos come with both a gallery with a slideshow. It is possible to download the photos as a zipped file although again you need to be a long term (60 or 120 day) member.

Potential members have two options, option one, gives you access to the last 2 years of photoshoots, option 2 gives you access to all the photoshoots since 2010. As mentioned before if your membership extends to 60 or 120 days then you get access to the larger sized photos. One recent change is Fit Young Men’s Fit and Famous collection, these have to be purchased separately regardless of your membership option. If you are a member of Fit Young Men’s related gay porn site English Lads then you automatically get access to zip files without the 60 or 120 day wait here too, although this does depend on the level of membership at English Lads.

Of course the internet is awash with stolen content and Fit Young Men do ask you at signup to validate your email address and provide your home country and a security question. This is done to prevent members from downloading everything and releasing it onto the web. Don’t be put off by this as it’s only fair.

Updates at Fit Young Men are regular like clockwork on a Thursday and Sunday so you are never more than a few days away from another hot set of photos.

Fit Young Men is a very successful and popular site which has certainly its fair share of very sexy young sportsmen. If you are into sexy guys in sports wear then you should definitely check this site out. These British men with their big uncut dicks are sure to please. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs (£ UK Pounds)

Last 2 years of photos – excludes Fit & Famous & NN

$26.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $26.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$74.95 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $74.95 EVERY 90 DAYS

Last 5 years of photos – excludes Fit & Famous & NN

$49.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $49.95 EVERY 30 DAYS
$129.95 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $129.95 EVERY 90 DAYS

All photos – since Jan 2010 – excludes Fit & Famous & NN

$78.00 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $78.00 EVERY 30 DAYS
$220.00 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $220.00 EVERY 90 DAYS

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Gemini Men

Gemini Men is a site set up specifically to showcase straight guys and their antics. First impressions of the site is that it is a bit dated and I agree that it’s is not as modern and slick as some other sites online. However, Gemini Men really delivers on its core idea.

Whereas other amateur straight guy sites pretend their guys are really straight but they are often a gay/bi mix, here you are left with no doubt that these are truly straight.

You are going to see a lot of guys who are experimenting with non straight sexual activities many for the first time in their life and certainly for the first time on camera. We don’t know where Gemini Men find their straight guys but they sure as hell keep them coming. There are no gay for pay porn stars or regular ‘gay’ hoes here.

Some of the guys become GM regulars so you get to see how their journey progresses from a solo wank off session, through side by side wanking, touching another man’s dick to sucking and some anal sex as well. Each of the regulars has a different back story and makes different progress.

Regardless of your type you are bound to find some of the straight guys featured here, hot. They range in age from 18 years old to late 30s in the main, with the majority maxing out in their late 20s.

There is a whole host of guys queuing up to feature in their own video vignettes for cash. So you can expect office workers, blue-collar guys, athletic jocks plus boy next door types. There really is someone for everybody. Even if straight guys aren’t your thing you will find yourself drawn to some of these young men.

These are regular guys with everyday jobs, some of whom work out a bit at the gym but aren’t gym bunnies. As you would expect the site tends to mirror straight men in society so some are hairy whilst others are smooth. Some tatted up whilst others are tattoo-free. It’s refreshing to see guys who don’t mow their pubic bush and have hairy sweaty armpits, as I said these guys are real.

Gemini Men – Most Viewed Updates

Mark from Gemini Men loves to accompany these straight men on their journey which starts with a simple interview about how the guys came to be in front of the cameras, what experiences they have sexually, what they like in bed, and if they’ve ever thought about sex with guys. The questioning is light and helps the nervous ones to relax as they slowly strip off their clothes. They usually end up fully naked or partially dressed depending on the guy in question.

Considering this is their first time naked on camera, most of the guys follow instructions from the cameraman with ease. The light banter tends relaxes them as he asks them to stretch your balls and show off your soft cock, or bend over and shows us your ass crack.

The initial introduction interviews generally end with the guys jerking off their hard dicks firing off some impressive cum shots.

That maybe all your will see of that particular guy as he’s unloaded and picked up his cash and run. Other more adventurous types return and are persuaded to engage in other activities. Depending on the guy this can be fingering their hole whilst jerking their dick, ass play with a dildo or butt plug or wanking off using a Fleshlight.

Other more brave dudes are up for more interactive action, touching another man’s dick or having their cock wanked by another straight guy. Some engage in having their dick sucked by another man or even to mutual blowjobs. This may be far enough for most but there are quite a few who want to try anal sex. And yes both fucking as a top or being fucked as a bottom.

I am always amazed how straight guys could get fucked by another straight guy’s big dick. I get the fact that fucking a much tighter hole is what most straight guys dream for. But the number who are willing to get fucked in the ass always astounds me.

There is a majority of guys who develop a thing for ass play be it with their fingers or toys. There is something for every straight man lover here. There are some piss videos, sex dolls and mutual masturbation and helping hand massages.

Gemini Men has around 960 exclusive videos to download or stream. You can download or stream the latest videos in 3GP and MP4 files and these work fine on both desktop and mobile phones. Older videos have WMV, MP4 and QT files plus 3GP for phones. The clips are generally good quality.

Updates come with a video and gallery of pictures with autoplay functionality. All are shot in good lighting and sound quality. The images are screencaps and vary in quality depending on the age of the video. GM doesn’t offer zip files so you have to saved images individually.

Gemini Men – Recent Updates

Gemini Men updates each Friday without fail. You also get the occasional bonus update which happens fairly regularly.

There are a number of issues to discuss. GM has implemented a download limitation to prevent individual members from downloading more than 4GB per day. This seems reasonable as many websites are under strain because of pirated copies of their content appearing on websites hosted in countries where copyright laws are not enforced.

This is an amateur site so don’t expect the highest production values, don’t get me wrong the videos are super hot but there can be glitches now and then with sound or vision. But I think that this goes some way to making GM unique and is one of the things I treasure about the site. Plus the straight men you see here are not all over the web they are exclusive to GM.


Gemini Men is a classic site of good quality straight man videos and images. There are 960 videos and photosets (screencaps from the videos) so plenty to get your teeth into plus the weekly updates every Friday. The site is a little old fashion looking but this doesn’t detract in my view from the scorching hot guys.

The straight guys are initially there for the cash, some film a one of audition video and are gone but others come back again and again and engage in all sorts of ‘not exactly straight’ men activities, which always keeps me guessing and interested.

If you like regular dudes with rough hands and dirt under their fingernails then you’ve come to the right place. Mark at Gemini Men gently coaxes the guys to give more and many of them do and it is engrossing to watch. I love to see how real straight guys interact with each other when getting naked and playing with each other.

I would have no trouble recommending Gemini Men to straight guy fanciers who want to see some hot ass play and the occasional man on man anal.

Membership Costs

$24.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $24.95 EVERY 30 DAYS

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