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Czech Hunter is a reality gay porn site where straight young Czech men (18-25 years old) are picked up on the streets of Prague and other Eastern European cities and enticed to get naked for cash. If you like slim to well built young European straight guys with uncut cocks then you should stick around. You’ll see lots of dicks big and small with their foreskins intact.

The focus here is on the Czech Hunter a gay dude with a hell of a huge uncut cock who trawls the streets of the capital looking for victims, usually solo guys but sometimes two straight guy friends.

The camera work is POV so its shot from the point of view of the Czech Hunter so you see what he sees in effect.

The stories tend to follow a similar pattern where CH searches out solo young men who are looking to earn a bit of extra cash. The guys are straight off the streets so they are natural and inquisitive as well as a bit unsure about what is going to transpire.

Most of the guys are quite willing to drop their pants for a fee and of course the fee goes up the more they are willing to do. You can see that once straight guys step onto the slippery slope they are easily lead over the edge by further bundles of notes.

The scenes start often in public parks and quiet areas around the city. Czech Hunter first asks the victim to show him their cock for a small fee. Then they retire to somewhere deserted and he wants the guy to suck his cock again the fee goes up. As they continue the fee keeps rising as the guy gets closer to being naked and finally CH goes for the kill offering them a bunch of notes to allow him to fuck their asses.

I am always amazed by how many straight young Czech dudes will let CH fuck them with his huge uncut dick as long as the price is right. If the action progresses well CH takes the guy to a hotel room and the action can continue unabated and without the risk of public exposure. Although the public settings can add a bit to the excitement.

All the action is real and unscripted. These are real straight guys who are looking for a break and will do just about anything for a cash reward.

Fans of POV camerawork will enjoy the true reality feel to the videos, lighting isn’t always perfect especially when they are filming outdoors or in abandoned warehouses but you can see the action clearly and hear their chatter. Not that most people will understand as the guys speak Czech and there is intermittent subtitling. The moaning sounds the same in any language and it is hot.

A number of recent episodes have Czech Hunter together with two straight guys, usually friends and here they start off sucking each other and CH then one or both gets fucked by CH.

If you like gay for pay style reality porn featuring hot young European dudes then Czech Hunter has something for you to enjoy. The site is growing with weekly updates and currently has 350 videos in total.

The 30-50 minute videos are offered for download and streaming in MP4 format which is good for desktop and mobiles. They are good amateur quality and bearing in mind the POV and the lighting issues mentioned above they are pretty watchable. The lack of quality sometimes doesn’t really detract from the story playing out on the screen.

Most updates have photo sets of 10-30 pictures which are mainly screen caps of the video and the quality is pretty good. Czech Hunter doesn’t provide zipped files so you have to right click and save as. There is a automated screen show which takes you through the photos one at a time.

Czech Hunter membership includes two other Czech themed sites, Debt Dandy which humiliates the straight guys they pick up before they follow a similar path to the sex. The other site is Dirty Scout which formulates itself as a talent agency looking for employees, the prospective employees have to undertake a number of acts, all gay sex-related to get sent for the job. Both these sites are updating weekly as well.

The join page mentions that there are three updates a week, while this is referring to the 3 updates across all of the network sites. Also they mention that there 800 plus videos but I think that it slightly overstating the number and of course they are talking about videos across all three sites.


Czech Hunter remains a very popular site offering hot public POV sex and gay for pay action with regular weekly updates. If you like European Czech guys with uncut dicks then you’ll love the other two bonus sites, both of which are updating weekly.

This is gay sex taking place in public and they never seem too concerned about getting caught all of which adds to the story. The young straight men are believable and there is nothing to suggest this site is faking their backstories. So its all very real indeed. If you love the thought about straight men going gay for pay then you’ll find a lot to like at Czech Hunter. Cheers, My Gay Porn List.

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$99.99 FOR 360 DAYS REBILLS $99.99 EVERY 360 DAYS

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