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Imagine a place where straight young men aged 18 to 24 years of age go when they are down on their luck and in need of an urgent cash injection. You’d think these young men would go out and get a second part-time job. Well, enter Broke Straight Boys who offer a select few straight young guys the chance to blow their loads (and more) and reduce their cashflow problems all in one quick cum shot.

Broke Straight Boys is the leading gay for pay website whereby straight and bi young dudes lose their straight side for a time and engage in overtly gay sex. And you’d be wrong if you think that straight men won’t go gay when they are offered wads of cash dollars to be filmed for us gay guy’s viewing pleasure.

So BSB has guys queuing around the block to get their dicks sucked and in many cases their asses fucked too. And it is amazing how many succumb. Taking a big twink dick and getting paid to be laid. What more could a guy want.

You’ll find all sorts of guys on offer here. Mostly they are straight with a few bi-sexual guys included for good measure. They range from amateur boy next door types, mostly they are cute or good looking. And many of them have girlfriends at home, some of whom are happy that they are fucking around with guys. I guess it keeps them in handbags and new clothes.

The scenes are mainly of hot duos although you will find the odd threesome and more. The setting is invariably the same, taking place in a bedroom or hotel. No outdoors scenes or public spaces here. The cameraman/director can be heard egging the guys on so that they go as far as they dare for the extra cash on offer. Quite a number of straight guys return again and again recharging their bank balances whilst they get their asses fucked or do the fucking.

Broke Straight Boys is a truly massive site of epic proportions. There are 1292 videos and the site updates three times a week on Wednesday, Friday and Sundays. The latest videos are offered in MP4 and WMV format. Which will play on PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phones. Videos are available to stream or download. Video quality varies over time with older videos somewhat less defined although the newest updates are of a good amateur video quality. You also get a full scene and an edited highlights clip. So you can watch the best bits on the move and settle back at home (on Wifi) to enjoy the full in depth movie.

Every video is accompanied with a gallery of photos which are mostly of a good amateur screencap quality. The newest updates are available as download zip files. There are no hands free slideshows which is a pity.

You’ll also find around 180 bonus videos which are taken when the Broke Straight Boys bandwagon goes on tour to various gay pride festivals around the USA. As these are taken at public events there isn’t any nudity or gay sex but they do offer a nice behind the scenes look at the Broke Straight Boys’ models. Additionally, there are a number of bonus feeds, Straight Boys Jerkoff, College Boy Physicals, HS Boys and Boys First Time.

Members also have access to the active user forum where guys discuss all manner of things to do with the models and the scenes that they are in. This is one of the most active forums I have seen on a gay porn website.

Now Broke Straight Boys has quite a few issues which considering that it is one of the most popular gay porn sites is rather strange. Clearly, these issues haven’t affected its popularity with us gay guys. Firstly, there is a pre-checked option on the join page which means that if you leave this selected you will be charged an additional amount to join a second membership site. This will be rebilled until you cancel it.

If you sign up for a membership you are limited to 15 downloads per 24 hours. The tour claims that the site updates four times a week although as we mentioned earlier this is actually only three times a week.

Broke Straight Boys remains one of the top gay for pay porn sites and its popularity has never been in doubt. Guys constantly come back time and time again, and there are many longstanding members who’ve been fans for years. I guess that is why Broke Straight Boys regularly wins awards.

For me this site remains excellent value for money and if you are into the genre gay for pay then this is one to watch. If you get off on straight guys 18 to 24 years old going gay and engaging in cock sucking and ass fucking as if they were gay boys then BSB is for you. You just got to love the massive number of videos available and the fact that it adds updates at the rate of three a week. Plenty of hot straight cock and ass action for your membership. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

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$99.87 FOR 365 DAYS REBILLS $99.87 EVERY 365 DAYS + BONUS Sites

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