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Hi, meet Vic the Beefcake Hunter. He’s a guy who loves to catch straight guys and their cocks in action. Vic spends his days and nights trawling around the place looking for your everyday straight dudes to get naked. We are talking amateur straight guys here.

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I am amazed where the Vic finds his guys as there are no porn stars here, just good ol’ straight young men, and beef looking to earn some extra cash in a gay porn side hustle. Here you will get to meet blue-collar dudes working 9-5, builders, plumbers, as well as professional types and college boys aiming to earn a dime turning tricks.

Just as the men featured are totally varied their looks and personalities run the whole gamut from the cute boy next door, through ordinary lookers to the sexy as fuck drop-dead gorgeous. Beefcake Hunter is an American site so the guys tend to be a mix of white, Latino, and African American so quite a mix.

Some guys you’ll see once and then they are gone. A quick jerk off and that is it. Others tend to stick around a bit longer and feature in numerous videos. Generally, these guys start off with a chat and a wank. Then they progress onto getting sucked off by Vic and for the most adventurous Vic bends over and takes their straight dicks up his ass.

The guys featured are generally nervous to start with although you get the odd cocky stud who’s doesn’t appear to be scared of anything. The majority are a little more reserved at least at first and it is nice to see how the guys progress. Some get very confident by shoot 3 or 4.

The videos contain information about the guy who is featured. His name, age, and height plus the length of his cock. Vic interviews the guys and asks them questions so you get a better idea of the guy’s personality. Each of the scenes has a detailed description of what each video contains so you know exactly what is featured before you start the movie.

Today the featured video was entitled “Servicing divorced straight dude” which features a sexy bearded straight guy called Robert. The description continues…..

Robert was a hot long oral session that was worth it every minute! Beefcake Robert is a recently divorced Construction worker that is trying to get back on his feet by having multiple gigs, and been at the BCH arena is just another one of them  

We have been in touch for almost a week, and when he finally decided to become a Beefcake, he suddenly had some construction and painting gigs that he didn’t want to turn down, after all, those are everyday gigs, and we here at BeefCakeHunter Land have flexible “work hours”, so I had to accommodate myself to him for when he has some free time next.

Few days passed until he finally called me to shoot …the same day! Wow, I had to run and get everything ready, but I won’t lie, I kind of knew it was going to be like that, so I was half ready lol, but the struggle didn’t end there before he started  heading to the studio he had some second thoughts mostly because he knows he has a hard time cumming from just oral, and he shared with me, but I promised him that I would do the trick, that I have “some experience” lol  and I will make it happen 

By the way, the chat developed, I thought that he was a little nervous or that he is a serious kind of person, but while making this Serviced divorced straight dude, I realized it was both. But the scene flowed very smoothly, Beefcake Robert is not too verbal but his facial expressions at moments are hot. He didn’t get hard immediately but once he did, that delicious cock was rock hard! Yummy!

I loved sucking his balls and playing with his cock, he almost never took his eyes off from what I was doing to him, is something that many Hunters will love!

It seemed that he was right and that it was going to be hard to make him cum. But come on! No, that night, that night I surprised him with a last-minute trick that made him ejaculate that week load! He looked very surprised but satisfied lol I hope you guys enjoy this Servicing divorced straight dude video.


Beefcake Hunter has 360 exclusive MP4 format videos which are available for download and streaming and are of good amateur quality with ok lighting and sound. The videos work on desktop computers as well as phones and tablets.


For each video update, there is a gallery of screencap images which again are of good amateur quality. There is no automatic slideshow so you have to click back and forth to see the images.


2020/2021 has proved a difficult period for updates especially for small sites like Beefcake Hunter although he has managed to produce about 3 updates a month although that has increased to once a week in the last few months. Each Saturday a new video and image gallery drop.

Pro and Cons

Starting with the cons. Beefcake Hunter is an amateur site run by Vic who produces everything himself. Whilst this gives a truly authentic feel to the site it does mean lighting and sound are amateur at best. Personally, I love these small sites which produce hot content which is not like the mainstream. So in my view, Beefcake Hunter is perfect the way it is.


If you love to see real straight guys from all areas of life getting naked and jerking off or getting sucked by Vic for the first time. Or you like to see how initially reserved straight dudes come into their own and end up giving Vic the straight dicking of his life then Beefcake Hunter is for you.

With 360 videos and image galleries plus the good scene descriptions and weekly updates, there is a lot to like here. Try Beefcake Hunter if you are fascinated by straight men and their big dicks.

Membership Costs

$19.95 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $19.95 EVERY 30 DAYS

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